The Cause



Every single hand is different from any other in the world. There is uniqueness in our identity from birth. Just imagine the beauty that those hands can create. ILO admires, appreciates, and collaborates with women from indigenous villages in South America to bring their talents to light. The artisans we work with showcase their true passion through their craft. There is beauty in the imperfections from piece to piece. ILO seeks to work with these talented local women and villages to spread job opportunities, knowledge, and inspiration.


ILO Design was created in hopes of showcasing traditional craftsmanship from around the world while paying fair wages. Our current goal is to pair up with a local foundation that is improving the community and living conditions of these villages. We want to work with an organization that has the same mission as us but more established in agricultural and infrastructure concepts. Each of these hand crafted designs has significant meaning that the artist passes down through their art. At ILO we take these artisan pieces and create our art along with it through embellishments. Inspired by traveling and maintaining traditions. Let's join the cause and give back! See link below for more information on where to directly donate and where the 30% of our profits go towards from your ILO purchases.