About Us


ILO Designs are handcrafted with love from Colombia, South America. Globally conscious and effortlessly stylish, ILO designs are each unique in their own artistic and meaningful way. So we appreciate flaws! You can feel the passion put into every stitch.

ILO [ee-lo] comes from the Spanish word "hilo", which means thread. We believe that thread by thread, we can create a brighter future for the   talented indigenous women who have become our inspiration. Our goal is simple: to educate and inspire women from impoverished towns around South America. By exposing their artisan creations to the world we can shine a light on the beauty of South American culture unseen by the naked eye. ILO strives to create jobs, creativity, goals, and hope in different forms.  We encourage growth, appreciation, and giving back to the people that originated the art within our products.

We form a community of artists, dreamers, mothers, sisters, and friends. 

Somos el hILO de nuestro futuro. Show love for your tribe.